From two parents who have had no Irish language training, offering our children the opportunity to explore learning through Irish medium has been the most insightful and wonderful experience. We have witnessed first hand how Irish medium learning has significantly developed their cognition of all curriculum subjects as well as equipping and extending their problem solving skills. Both our children are blessed with enthusiastic teachers who are committed to delivering broad and balanced learning of the Irish tradition and culture.


Go leor go raibh maith agat Shauna and Patrick


On my first day of school i entered the inaugural class of GEM, a tiny group making up - at that stage - a new school of just 6 students. To most people this seems strange and peculiar, but to us 6 class-mates it was normal and exciting. Looking back i wouldn't change it for the world. Our parents bravely stepped up to help regenerate the Irish language led by a brilliant new Board of Governors and teaching staff. The experiences i got as part of the school are irreplaceable, with the teachers always going beyond the call of duty and encouraging us to be the best citizens we could. I am proud to now think of my school teachers as my friends. Coming from an Irish language background I feel I had a strong advantage to other children when later attending my English speaking secondary school. GEM allowed me to learn all the essential academic topics in two languages, learn about my Irish culture and our national heritage, and also to make friends for life. I completed my Irish GCSE in my first year of secondary school gaining an A* and boosting my confidence considerably, before gaining a total of 12 GCSEs and 3 A-LEVELs. And I am now studying as a law under-graduate at university level. I got this far and I'm not stopping, and I will always owe GEM  the greatest debt of gratitude for giving me the right start in life.


Deirbhile Ní Chearnaigh


My son began Gaelscoil Éadain Mhóir in 2004 and at that time it was a huge decision for me to make.  The school was still relatively new and was only beginning to build up its reputation. 


The same as any parent, I wanted the best education for my children and I was worried about sending my children to the Gaelscoil as at the time, I had no Irish to help support them in their reading and in their homeworks. 


However, I after a long time weighing up where to send them, I decided that Gaelscoil was the place for them.  At first, I was very nervous.  I found even the Primary one reading a struggle.  But help was at hand, I was told if I had any queries about homework, I could phone the school between 3 and 5pm every day.  This turned out to be invaluable for me.  the teacher were always helpful and understanding. They took time with both the children and with me. 


The homework clubs are amazing.  They begin even in R1,  this means that the children can get help with their homework and all that I have to do is look over it in the afternoon.


My daughter who is now in R7, uses the morning homework support often.  If she has a homework that she is unsure of, or she just wants to go over a task, the support is there in the morning.  She also uses this time to go on her mathaletics or Lexia.


There are also other great schemes within the school to help with the children's maths and reading skills.  There is the accelerated reading scheme and the paired maths scheme.  These schemes brought my children's reading & writing on in both English and Irish. 


One of the fears that I had when my children began Gaelscoil, was that as there is no Meanscoil, would my children find it difficult to transfer to an English speaking school.  At Gaelscoil, children learn in both English and Irish. From the day my children began Gaelscoil, I was encouraged to read to my child in English or Irish.  I was told of the importance of talking about the pictures and of getting my child to interact with books.  I was amazed to see how easy English reading comes to some of the children once they have learnt the basics of how the language works.


Once my children were at the schoool, I began learning Irish also.  The teachers in the school were a great support to me in my own learning also.  They were so approachable and always eager to help me.  After 10years of my children being at Gaelscoil, we are nearly ready to leave.  It's a day that I'm not looking forward to.  If I was asked did I make the right choice in sending my children to Gaelscoil Eadain Mhoir, I would answer definitely. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have to think twice about it. It's gone from being one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make to one of the best decision I've ever made!


Denee Boyda 


Well, I had Caras Parent Teacher meeting today and it was every bit as good as Christophers was yesterday !! Working well above average in EVERYTHING !! Loves school, lots of friends - Im so proud of both of them.....BUT I also have to give credit to the school itself, because they spend more of their waking hours there, than they do with me lol. The staff are amazing - the support for both parents and children is amazing ! The amount of Gaeilge my kids have at 7 and 4 years of age is incredible !! I couldn't recommend Gaelscoil Eadain Mhoir highly enough! .....and GO CARA AND CHRISTOPHER !! Maith Sibh xxx — feeling proud


Elaine Ní Chonnagáin



Gaelscoil Eadain Mhor is perfect for my family, as not only will both children be bilingual, it is also a small and nurturing school, ideal for ensuring all children attending have the help and encouragement they need for all aspects of their development. There are many extra curricular activities for all ages and all teachers/staff are approachable and more than helpful with any queries parents may have. I am so pleased at how well both children have picked up on the Irish language at such a young age and are becoming more confident in using it at home. I would recommend Gaelscoil Eadain Mhor to anyone and look forward to the next years of my children attending


Ashlene Quigley