"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Our teacher is called Múinteoir Nicole and our assistant is called Múinteoir Sinéad. We love coming to school every day. Our favourite activities include: outdoor play, messy play, story-time and singing. We know loads of new Irish words and phrases already. We have lots of friends in our Naíscoil and it is a very special place filled with fun and learning in a caring and safe environment.

​Rang 1

Our teachers is called Múinteoir Mairéad. We have buddies from Rang 7 who take care of us every day in the canteen and the playground. They are very kind and caring. We love to read and write in Rang 1. We still play both indoors and outdoors which is great. We also play Gaelic in school hall. We take part in music lessons every week which allows us to develop an interest for music through exploring instruments. We love it!  Múinteoir Nóirin is our assistant and she takes care of us every day.

Rang 2

Múinteoir Tony is our teacher and he loves having fun with this every day. We have been learning lots of new things this year already. We can read independently now and write on our own. We are even learning how to spell new words in Irish. We have a different theme each month which allows us to explore the world around us. Our assistant is Múinteoir Orlagh. 

​Rang 3a


Múinteoir Róise is our teacher and Múinteoir Álainn is our assistant. We love to sing and our teacher is in charge of the school choir. We love learning new songs and writing our own music. We take part in Gaelic football every week. We love to stay for our after school clubs too because we get to play take part in lots of different activities.

Rang 3b


Our teacher is called Múinteoir Corey. We love coming to school every day. We have a prize-giving at the end of every month which we really look forward to. We also help with the Eco-schools project in our school. We are working towards our Green Flag last year. We help with the garden, we keep the grounds tidy and we monitor the use of electricity. We love setting challenges for the whole school to take part in!

Rang 4


Our teacher is Múinteoir Patricia. Múinteoir Seán is our assistant. They make a great team and we love the fun we have learning in our class. We are excelling at accelerated reading this year and can read so much more now in both Irish and English. We take part in schemes through the University of Ulster and Ryan Mc Bride Foundation which allow us to develop new schools across the curriculum.

​Rang 5


Our teacher this year is Múinteoir Deirdre and Múinteoir Cathy is our classroom assistant. We have been learning lots of new things already this year and produced some amazing art pieces which we proudly displayed in our classroom. Our teacher makes learning fun!

Rang 6


Our teacher is Múinteoir Moira and we are super lucky to have 2 great assistants called Rebecca and Alannah also. We are enjoying many fabulous experiences this year including swimming, music, happy healthy kids and much more!!  We have a great year ahead as we continue to reach our full potential at school.

Rang 7


We are lucky to have 2 teachers this year as Múinteoir Alicia and Múinteoir Moira team teach our class. We also have Múinteoir Chloe as our assistant! We have had a busy start to the year and have a busy six months ahead as we prepare for our GCSE Irish exams. We are only 10 and 11 years old but we will take it in our stride and celebrate come August 2020. We have mixed emotions about being in Rang 7 as it is such an exciting year and we get to prepare for our move to secondary school but we will miss GÉM and all the friends we have made here.

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